The Un-Networking Salon is a chance to network — without the networking. Here's how it works: Meet people. Talk to them. Possibly not about business. If you like them, see them again at next month's event. Or maybe hook up with them in the interim. Get to know them, think about how you could do business or help each other, but enjoy the process.

Things we like
  • Meeting new people — and catching up with friends.
  • Chatting, gossiping, having a laugh.
  • Informality and friendliness.
  • Having a drink — be it coffee, wine or a berry smoothie.
  • Only buy drinks for yourself — then no one's under pressure to buy rounds that quickly get expensive.
  • Only bring out your business cards if asked for one. No throwing them around like confetti.
  • You are encouraged to talk about things other than business — there’s so much more to life.
  • Don't leave anyone standing around on their own — be friendly, be approachable and be prepared to talk to anyone and everyone. Who knows, they may be the making of your business — or at least a good laugh to talk to.
  • We’d love you to bring people along (ask them to fill in the Doodle form, right, first) but please make sure they are aware of our guidelines
Got any questions?

Contact us at:

"It was really nice to come along to the Un-Networking event the other night. I found it a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and an interesting group of people (small enough to facilitate useful and relaxing chats!)" Steve Thompson

How do you get on board?

It's simple — click on the date of the meeting you would like to attend and fill in the Doodle form then turn up on the night. We meet from 6.00 — 8.30pm at the Merka bar in MyHotel, 17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE. See you then.

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"So refreshing and fun and I loved all the people." Sara

About Us

Founding members, Jo Weatherall and Steve Bustin, have shared too many glasses of cheap and nasty wine at too many dull networking events. They both like to catch-up with friends as much as meeting new contacts so wanted to create a format that was informal, friendly and non-stuffy but that still had the potential to bring people together to help each other and ultimately do business.

Steve combines running his PR and training business, Vada Media, with his work as a freelance journalist. He runs training courses including PR Skills, Media Training, Social Media and Presentation Skills and is currently developing a new business offering specialist media training in the health and medical sector. As a journalist (ex-BBC News) he writes for a range of national newspapers and magazines on topics including arts, green issues and gardening

Jo is the owner of Frank! a specialist communications agency and Build14me that builds websites for small businesses and design agencies. She is currently developing a local listings fundraising project that will help hospices nationally raise money from small businesses. You can see the trial site at

We’re happy to make introductions and recommend fun people to talk to. There won’t be any name badges, delegates lists or hosts but we are a nice bunch so you will feel very welcome.

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